Using a Mac for geo-work

Well, as of today, I’m the proud owner of a MacBook Pro. The reason I went ahead and bought this is so that I can use it as a test platform and see if it’d be doable to switch my workflow to an all-Mac environment. I know software like Illustrator and Photoshop is working just fine on Macs, and that automatically means stuff like MAPublisher and Geographic Imager is no problem either. So I’m specifically interested in seeing how Windows-only applications, such as FME, Manifold and Global Mapper behave.

So as my journey of discovery takes shape, I will make the occasional post here, commenting on what works and how it feels for a long-time Windows user like myself.


One Response to “Using a Mac for geo-work”

  1. dalelutz Says:

    Congratulations Hans, one of the owners of Safe Software just got himself a mac as well, so FME may become more mac-in-friendly as time goes by.

    Good luck!

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