Update on my Mac adventures

Screenshot of FME on a Mac

A quick update, for those of you who are interested. I’ve been installing some Windows geo-applications on my new Macbook.

  • FME – runs just fine.
  • Global Mapper – runs fine too.
  • VNS – took me some time to get some dll’s installed in the right place and the install procedure was interrupted by Vista popping up some useless message, but after doing a clean install (read: copy-and-paste of the complete WCS directory from my Windows box) it’s working okay.

None of this is to be taken as an official announcement that application x runs on this setup though. Always check with the vendors to make sure.

All of this is running on Windows Vista, 64-bit, through VMWare Fusion. I couldn’t get Parallels to work and reports from other users indicate VMWare is by far the more stable solution.


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