Training course last week

Been kinda ‘recovering’ from a 2-day training course last week. The subject was Digital Cartography with Illustrator and MAPublisher, me and one other trainer, 10 students in all. This was the first time I did a combination Illustrator/MAPublisher training (rather than a MAPublisher only), and the first one I did spread out over 2 days. Material-wise, I think we had it covered pretty nicely, but the logistics around the whole course (renting laptops, renting a training room) was not a pleasant affair. 3rd parties were stacking error upon error and on the first day of the training, I arrived to find the room we had booked was overbooked by the hotel and we had to make do with a smaller room. Quite stressful, but everything got sorted out in the end and the students were very pleased with what we had to offer them.

In other news, for anybody who’s keeping track of my Mac adventures, it turns out FlexLM, which I’m using to license my hardware-locked FME, isn’t supported on Vista (which I’m running through VMWare on my Mac). Funny enough, it did work for about 10 days… So I’m contemplating either upgrading my FME license to two node locked ones or downgrading my Windows-on-Mac to XP64.


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