NACIS report and more tour dates

It’s been a while since NACIS, but as I combined the trip there with a short vacation and a couple of business visits, I only arrived back home last weekend.

it was a good show. Interesting accomodation, downtown Missoula (which is actually a very nice town), Mapgiving was very interesting and I really hope it’ll become a regular thing.

One presentation that really inspired me this time was the one Matthew Hampton did on his Texel (Texture Element) technique. I was also very impressed with the poster display and the student poster competition. There were some really high quality posters there and I’m hoping some of them (hint hint) will be shown in the Map Gallery here.

Unfortunately my own presentation didn’t go as well as I had hoped sad.gif Had some trouble the days before so my preparation was pretty much non-existant.

While watching the MapGiving kick-off I joked with Lou Cross about making t-shirts saying “Hans – North Americal Tour 2008” or something to that effect. Well, in the same manner, I’m pleased to report that the programme for the European FME User meeting in Münster, Germany, has been announced. I will be doing a presentation there on how I’ve used FME in support of map production on several occasions, and how this can save a lot of time. Also, Rick Klooster of Gemeente Apeldoorn will be doing a presentation on Virtueel Apeldoorn, which is a project I have been involved with as well. In that case, FME was used to process GIS and CAD data for use in an online virtual world.


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