More Mac adventures

Ever since getting my Macbook last year I had been planning to replace my Windows machine with a Mac Pro somewhere in the first quarter of 2009. Well, the Windows machine suffered some pretty bad crashes and ended up so unreliable that I decided to make the switch early.

My new workhorse is, consequently, a Mac Pro with a beefed up video card (I went with the GeForce 8800 option), more Ram (10 Gb instead of 2, didn’t get it from Apple because they charge insane prices for that) and an extra hard drive to boot into Vista. Wasn’t planning on Vista to be honest, had hoped to use XP 64-bit but apparently that doesn’t play well with Bootcamp… Vista x64, on a machine with lots of Ram, is for now proving to be a fairly stable solution.

I now do all my ‘normal’ stuff (web browsing, email), and map production (Illustrator/MAPublisher) on the Mac side and boot into Vista when I need to do some GIS (FME, Global Mapper, Manifold) or 3D work (Visual Nature Studio).


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